School Information


How do we sign up?
If you would like to sign up to Uniform Additions please email us at

How does the fundraising work?
We want to make the fundraising as simple as possible for parents, so we will give each school that signs up a UNIQUE CODE for parents to use whilst shopping with us. Once parents are satisfied with their purchase and go to checkout, we will prompt them to enter their school’s unique code. Your school will then get a donation reflecting 20% the total your parent has spent with us! It’s that easy!

How/when will we receive the 20% fundraising donation?
We will pay the donation to your school once every quarter. This will be based on the sales generated in the previous 3 months. We will calculate the total of all the sales using your school’s unique code.  Once we’ve calculated how much we’ve generated for you, we will get in touch via email to let you know the donation amount and when you should expect the payment.

 We don’t have a UNIQUE CODE, how do we request one?
Simply click on the sign-up page on our website or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible with your schools Unique Code.

What if a parent emails Uniform Additions asking if their school has a code?
We are more than happy to help parents with their queries in regards to their school codes. We advise as soon as you have your unique code you share it with your parents via newsletters/emails etc. The more you share, the more fundraising money you can make! If a parent has requested a unique code for their school and you’ve not signed up for our service, we will simply ask for their school’s email to inform them of our services and you can opt in if you’d like to take part. We can then sign your school up!

Can we place bulk orders?
Yes, you are able to place a bulk order, the best option would be to email us over what you require and numbers. We will then be able to check our stock levels and let you know what we have in stock or order any additional pieces required.

Do you supply our school colour(s)?
Most of our products are available in all 15 school colours.  If you would like to request other colours or patterns please email us and we will do our best to source them for you.

Uniform Additions Colour Chart